Accurate MR images are invaluable in diagnosing the cause of musculoskeletal anomalies and formulating treatment plans. The G-scan Brio dedicated MRI system features a comprehensive set of coils and sequences to provide complete MSK MRI, from spine to extremities — plus the ability to perform unique weight-bearing studies.

Unique weight-bearing MRI capabilities

Weight-bearing studies are easy to perform, allowing patients to be imaged in the position in which they experience symptoms and providing documentation that can be critical in pre-surgical workflow.

Productive workflow

Designed for robust use, the fast patient positioning and simple workflow quickly delivers outstanding image quality and automated DICOM workflow.

Comfortable for patients

The system’s open magnet design contributes to a quiet, comfortable , non-claustrophobic imaging experience.

G-Scan Managed Equipment Program


This Turnkey package offers dedicated MSK MRI with weight bearing capabilities to your practice, Light-weight pavilion style RF shielding can be installed without complex construction or costly renovations to your facility.


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Economical Siting and OperationItalian


The G-scan Brio takes advantage of an optimized permanent magnet with no cryogens or complicated cooling systems, so siting and installation can be hassle-free.
All in One Room — The complete system with all electronics, magnet, and console can be installed in a single 277 ft sq room.

Dedicated RF Pavilion — Light-weight pavilion style RF shielding can be installed without any additional construction or renovation.

Turnkey Services — Esaote dedicated MRI site planning, clinical and service teams will help with your installation needs.


G-scan Brio: Connected To MSK Needs

  • Full DICOM Connectivity And Sophisticated Storage Functionality, Including Dicom Worklist.
  • Remote Service Capability.

Windows® interface: Because it's based on Windows® G-scan brio is easy to learn and use. With a user interface and protocols are custom designed custom design for spine and extremities MRI, exam are fast and simple to perform.

Connectivity: G-scan Brio comes with comprehensive network, archiving and documentation features to work either as a stand-alone system or as part of an integrated environment. It offers an integrated DVD archive and retrieve software package, printer capability and a patient CD package. G-scan brio is also DICOM compliant with connectivity and teleradiology solutions.

Remote operations: All Esaote MRI systems come with remote service capability. Many system parameters and components can be checked using the specially developed remote software, so Esaote’s application specialists can check image quality and assist local operators to set exam parameters. In case service is required, reduced reaction and repair times help you remain productive.


G-scan Brio – Certifications

The G-scan Brio, manufactured by Esaote, complies with the Medical Device Directive (MDD) 93\42\EEC. In accordance with this directive, Esaote has classified it as Class IIa devices.

The G-scan Brio dedicated MRI system has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) via 510(k).